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The company plays active role in investment, including attracting and managing resources. The company is also involved with cooperating on fighting against the spread of Covid-19 and to do this, is negotiating with Vaccine producers to distribute among the people of different countries. We are driven to empower economic and human possibility for clients, colleagues and communities around the world. 

MED-CIN Tech International GmbH

MED-CIN TECH GmbH Holding was established in earlier 2020 in Germany to distribute resources in the design and creation of modern living infrastructure. With huge assets, this group has decided to develop intelligent money transfer and service cycles, which require the creation and establishment of a platform in the field of digital currencies and related infrastructure. The holding company is launching and creating collections based on the intelligent cycle of assets and liquidity, such as stores providing services and products in the form of B2B, P2B, P2P, and B2C, an exhibition of international virtual services and products for more than 80 thousand companies in more than 30 developed countries in the world and digital currency trading, tourism club infrastructure and services with attractive and sometimes free discounts and many other related services to publish and develop the digital currency market, which makes it practical and integrated It will become traditional and common with the currency market.

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Discretion of vision /mission

The overall goal of the MED-CIN Tech is to contribute to the Compass Global Cooperation Approach, which believes that " the success of future cooperation depends on the formation of consortia that include institutions from developed economies and developing countries and economies in transition, and consider them as equal partners“

The MED-CIN Tech International Asset Management GmbH's program is an ongoing cooperation between Chao Yin Investments Management Ltd, and all public and private stakeholders involved in this economic turnaround that we may consider as a "New Global Marshall Plan" and defined as " Dynamics of Building Better Society". The goal of MED-CIN Tech is to accelerate transfer of benefits of economic operations to local populations.

Business as usual is not an option for addressing challenges if the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) targets related to MED-CIN Tech are to be achieved by 2030. An ambitious effort is needed to dramatically scale up the resources available for MED-CIN Tech and to align partners around prioritized investments that generate results, while ensuring that countries are on a trajectory toward universal health and education coverage and sustainable financing. The MED-CIN Tech Global Financing Facility is support of the Compass Global Cooperation Approach (CGCA) is set up to respond to these challenges.

Forming a MED-CIN Tech consortium with MARC’AS LAW consortium as part of a partnership.  

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MED-CIN TEch International GmbH team consists of prominent academic and political members and figures in the international

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