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Hereby,  International Consortium with Registration Number of Y  and initial capital of $ 100 billion, invite the investors, contractors, technology owners, equipment suppliers, project management service providers. To join to cooperate in development projects in the fields of : Road construction, railways, marine industries, shipping ports, oil and petrochemicals, construction and urban planning, water and sanitation, waste recycling, environmental development, transportation, finance and monetary, BANKING, INSURANCE, cryptocurrencies and fintechs,  in the regions of: South Africa, Africa, Latin America, South and Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Caucasus, Middle East and Europe.

Investor/Contractor/Technology Owner Information’s Submission Form

Hereby, this company, with the following information, announces the application for membership in the International Consortium according to the terms and conditions.

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Consortium of Global development and peace investment consortium for Africa with legal status .... (Company or Holding), and registration number .... in the country of ... and registration number ... in the international arena and subject to national law of ......, in terms of compliance with the rules of international trade and exchange, it is subject to the principles and procedures developed by the Paris International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the observance of private and public international law would be a priority in the decisions of this consortium. Membership in the consortium and enjoying its benefits is possible in the form of the following principles and conditions, and the membership applicant, by preparing and signing the membership application form and accepting the terms and conditions announced in this text, is obliged to comply with the provisions of the declaration. 
A. Services / Commitments / Powers of the consortium towards the membersThe main titlesProviding projects and plans, offering credits and financial support, providing resources and funds required for development projects, providing support services in the financing sectors, introducing and consulting in the selection of knowledge and technology and experienced contractors, receiving international licenses to build and launch large projects, creating synergies among members through secure information exchange platforms, establishing data storage centers and information related to plans - projects - technologies suppliers - equipment and top management teams; whom rankings are world-class, creating independent digital financial and currency systems, establishing communication lines and safe and easy information exchange path between members and supporting their activities in all economic sectors and areas by using the capabilities of the members and exchange parties of the consortium  
1. The consortium undertakes not to transfer the information of the members and the data received from them to other natural and legal persons outside the consortium; except in accordance with the standards accepted in the terms and agreements exchanged between the members and the consortium. 
2. The transfer of data and information received, to the members of the consortium,  would be done in accordance with the standards and permissible limits that are determined between the consortium and the members in the contracts and terms of membership. The consortium is free to use all information received from members, excluding classified information, to introduce it to other members; to provide the background for creating agreements and contracts within the group. 
3. Production of data storage centers and information received from members and classification of data, references, rankings, financial capabilities, credit, technical knowledge, new designs and ideations and creating a network of secure ways for members to access the above information; would be done in the form of principles and mutual obligations, in agreements and contracts concluded between members and the consortium. 
4. Introducing the capabilities of the members to each other and other applicants referring to the consortium, to benefit from the capabilities and services of the consortium members at the international level is among the obligations of the consortium. 
5. Facilitating the establishment of mutual relations for the conclusion of valid contracts and joints between the members of the consortium, in order to participate in socio-economic-humanitarian development plans and projects are among the obligations of the consortium. 
6. Facilitating the provision of financial resources, transfer of technical knowledge, obtaining the required licenses and certificates for the implementation of projects, are among the obligations of the consortium.   
7. Launching its own financial, credit, insurance, banking and virtual currency systems, which are supported through shares and profits of consortium projects, is among the consortium's obligations and in this regard; welcomes the cooperation and membership of financial, monetary, credit, insurance, fintech and other stock market and foreign exchange organizations. 
8. Due to its special financial, credit and communication capabilities, the consortium has been able to obtain the necessary permits and agreements with the countries involved in development projects and other economic affairs. Therefore, having the feature of financing and providing resources required for the announced projects on its site, it is free to assign directly or through owned companies or partner companies, projects in the tender or out of tender, to contractors, suppliers of resources and technology owners. Prioritization of projects will be with the members of the consortium, provided that they have the necessary capacity and are equal to other competitors outside the consortium. 
9. The consortium has the authority to directly or indirectly supervise the projects assigned by it or its contracting partners, and the members receiving the project will be obliged to report to the consortium management in accordance with the project schedule. 

B. Commitments / Powers of members towards the consortium 
1. Members are committed to be careful, honest, committed toward providing information, documentation and documents that demonstrates their ability, capacity, competence and mastery of the claimed activities and services. 
2. The members are committed to sharing and transferring their information, services, technical knowledge to other members under the supervision and management of the consortium. The consortium shall transfer the information received from the members to other applicant members upon the request of the members and in accordance with the regulations and taking into account the legal rights and interests of the parties. 
3. Members are obliged to pay equal to 0.1% (one tenth of one percent) of their net income to the consortium annually for the right to access information and to be included in the Vendor List of tenders and other services provided by the consortium. It does not depend on whether they have worked on or succeeded in acquiring one of the plans or projects announced by the consortium. 
4. Members are obliged to pay 1% of the related revenue annually, in case of assigning the project by the consortium. This figure will be separate from the interest received by the consortium through the provision of funds or credits deposited by the consortium. 
5. Members are allowed as much as they want; buy the offered shares of the consortium and this will not be mandatory for the members. In case of purchase of the consortium shares by the members, the profit from the consortium activity will be paid to the shareholders in proportion to the share. 
6. Members are committed to informing the consortium of progress, changes in capacity levels, upgrading or reducing executive, financial, equipment capacity, upgrading technical knowledge & technology, as well as increasing or decreasing their capital, resources and financial and credit reserves; So that the consortium refrains from transmitting unreliable information to other members requesting contact with that member. (Informing about achieving superior and new financial, credit, technical knowledge and technology, will improve the position and ranking of members among the consortium parties and will give them more priority in selecting contractors for the consortium contract) 
7. The members of the consortium undertake not to disclose the information received from the consortium, whether the information belongs to the company and the holding, the owner of the consortium or to the other members of the consortium. In case of disclosure of information to third parties, the violator will be responsible for compensating the owners of the information and the consortium. 
8. Members are allowed to use the relevant information received from the consortium in their projects, only after concluding a contract with investors, idea owners and owners of technical knowledge, providers of required equipment and resources, etc. 
9. The members are responsible for providing information, economic, financial and credit data, their competencies and capacities, and if it is proved after the contract that the information provided is incorrect, while expelling them from the consortium; they will be liable to compensate for the losses incurred by the collection and other members who have suffered losses based on this data. 
10. If the consortium in the field of project implementation, supply of resources, technical knowledge, project management, supply of equipment or technical training; assign a contract to the members, the members are obliged to complying with the tender rules and observing the principle: "Priority of the bidding competitors with more appropriate prices", observe the principles of fair, non-fraudulent and non-seductive competition in announcing their bids. Otherwise, they will have to compensate the damages. 
11. Members are committed; In case of identifying other members through membership and introduction of the above company by the consortium, to use the ideas, services and facilities they need; whether the socio-economic development plans and projects, or common exchanges in the financial markets, insurance, banking and other forms of contract, to act only by concluding a formal contract of cooperation with other members and with the information and supervision of the consortium. Otherwise, he has committed fraud in transactions and must compensate for the damages caused to his unprofessional behavior. 
12. By signing the membership form and the terms and conditions of membership in the consortium, the members officially announce that they want to join the consortium and will follow the rules and principles developed by the consortium and the principles of collective cooperation and adhere to the relevant treaties and agreements.  

Sample of Contract

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